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Transfers from Budapest with a wait, without a guide.

Departure from Budapest:

  • There are individual transfers there and back with waiting.
  • There is independent walk without a guide.
  • There is transport with a driver.
  • Maximum waiting time is up to 6 hours.
  • Extra time costs 20 euro per hour.
  • All cars are in good condition.
  • Drivers are professionals.

The prices for the vehicle are given in Euros.

The table shows the most popular destinations for transfers.

If the route you need is not listed, please submit an application.

 Number of passengers in the car 1-3
Budapest – Heviz (waiting up to 6 hours) – Budapest 180
Budapest – Szentendre * (waiting up to 3 hours) – Budapest 95
Budapest – Lake Balaton (waiting up to 6 hours) – Budapest 180
Budapest – Siofok (waiting up to 6 hours) – Budapest 180
Budapest – Tihany (waiting up to 6 hours) – Budapest 180
Budapest – Eger (waiting up to 6 hours) – Budapest 180
Budapest – Miskolctapolca (waiting up to 6 hours) – Budapest 190
Budapest – Hajdúszoboszló (waiting up to 6 hours) – Budapest 200
Budapest – Damien (waiting up to 6 hours) – Budapest 175
Budapest – Vienna (waiting up to 6 hours) – Budapest 190
Budapest – Outlet Parndorf (waiting up to 6 hours) – Budapest 180
Budapest – Bratislava (waiting up to 6 hours) – Budapest 190


(Designer Outlet Parndorf)


Designer Outlet Parndorf is located in 40 km from Vienna. There are more than 130 designer stores of elite and luxury brands with a discount from 30 to 70% in the modern shopping complex. There are restaurants, bars and a children’s playground in the shopping complex.

Outlet mode.

Monday – Thursday 09:30 – 20:00

Friday 09:30 – 21:00

Saturday 09:00 – 18:00

Sunday Closed

Holidays Closed

Estimated time of departure is 9.00. The waiting time is 6 hours.


A trip to the opera and concerts in Vienna

Vienna Opera

The Vienna State Opera is the largest opera house in Austria. It is the center of musical culture. The Vienna Opera is known not only in Austria and Europe.

The Opera Theatre was built in 1869 by the architect August Sikkard von Sikkardsburga. The opening of the Vienna Opera (WienerStaatsoper) occurred on May 25 staging “Don Giovanni” by Mozart. The building of the theater was recognized as one of the best in the world in terms of acoustics and decoration.

We organize trips to the opera and concerts in Vienna. You can purchase tickets for opera and concerts at discounted prices. Tickets can be bought on the day of the event. You can find out about the availability of tickets, the nearest events, if you request.



(Thermal baths in caves)

Miskolc-Tapolca cave bath (Miskolc-Tapolca) is located in Northern Hungary, a beautiful tourist-rich region, in Miskolc-Tapolca, the resort area of Miskolc.

A special attraction of this bathing hall is that it is located in natural, washed by thermal waters, caves. The cave bath also includes an open thermal lake, fed by warm springs saturated with various gases. According to the doctors, the air of the cave has a healing effect to catarrhal breathing difficulties and asthma.

The type of water is lime-hydrogen-carbonic. It contains iodine, bromine, calcium, magnesium-metaboric, metasilicic acid and radon.

The hydropathic bath is sheltered from the wind. A pleasant and balanced climate is favorable for recreation. Miskolc-Tapolca is surrounded by 1150 hectares of beech forest. There is a magnificent park with an open beach and the cave bath.


Demjén Thermal Spa&Aquapark

(Damien village)

Thermal spring with a water park. The complex has several indoor thermal pools and one indoor swimming pool for children. The water park itself is located both outside and inside the complex.

Water in thermal baths has a high content of sulfur and magnesium. It helps with diseases of the musculoskeletal system (rheumatism, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc.), it improves blood circulation and movement ability. Sulfur, getting into the body, dilates the blood vessels and coronary arteries. Magnesium increases the stress resistance of the body.

There are steam and salt cabins, a Finnish sauna, a kneipp bath in the complex.

Boldogkő Castle.

The castle was built for the order of king Béla IV, after the invasion of the Mongols. Village «boldogkői» by name, the name of Bodo stone


Aggtelek National Park

Aggtelek National Park was founded in 1985. Today it is in the World Heritage List. It is located in 233 km to the north east of Budapest.

Sprawled on the border of Hungary and Slovakia, it covers a vast area of the Slovak Karst National Park.

Aggtelek National Park has about 200 caves, interconnected and united by a common name Baradla cave. This is the largest group of caves in Hungary. It is 25 km long. The part of cave is continued in the depths of Slovakia.


Bory Castle

It is 65 km away from Budapest.

The history of the castle began in 1912, when Jeno bought a small house on the outskirts of Szekesfehervar and started construction but then the First World War started. In 1923 Jeno Bory resumed construction of the castle, and continued to work until his death.



It it the largest island in Hungary.



Egerszalók is an outdoor spa complex and the village with population of 2000 people. The thermal spa is located in Hevesy, in north-eastern Hungary, it is just 6 km away from Eger and it is 130 km away from Budapest. Thermal water temperature at the surface reaches 65-68 ° C. The complex has 17 outdoor and indoor pools with total area of ​​1900 sq.m.

In the place where the water flows over the years on the hill, quirky “cap” of the lime formed of 1200 m2. Among the sulphurous medicinal waters, this calcium-magnesium bicarbonate water containing 12 biologically essential trace elements and 7 beneficial trace elements.


Hollókő is a village in North Hungary, Nógrád counties. It is located 90 km away from Budapest. The village gained fame as an open-air ethnographic museum. The population is 465 people. It was included in the list of world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 1987. The name of the village means “Raven Stone”.

Hollókő located 90 kilometers north of Budapest and 80 kilometers north-west of Eger. The village lies in a valley in the midst of low Cherhat mountains. Hollókő is an ethnographic museum, but unlike other similar museums regular daily life does not stop in Hollókő. The villagers carefully preserve the way of life and folk traditions of the past centuries. Most of the buildings of the village are adobe houses with carved wooden verandas. The village There are preserved handicrafts such as traditional embroidery, pottery, wood carving.


Visegrad castle

It is the medieval castle, indicating that the Visegrad was the capital of Hungary for several years. It is located 55 km away from Budapest, on the border with Slovakia.

There is a museum in the Visegrad castle, which collects artifacts found on its territory. It offers stunning views of the Danube. Also there are souvenir shops at the fortress.